Olívaolaj Oliviere 250ml

Olive oil from French Catalonia with the recommendation of Apple Leaf!

Laroque des Albères is a Catalan town on the French side of the Midi-Pyrénées mountain range on the border of France and Spain. The Moulin de Llevant family business here covers an olive grove and mill, where the Aymard family set out to cultivate a culture of traditional artisanal olive growing and oil pressing. We selected extra virgin oils produced by mechanical cold pressing from the Olivière olive variety native to the region  . Our goal was to show us a special segment of olive oil culture in Hungary that we can’t meet at home.

The Oliviera oil is specifically due to the full flavor of olives ripe harvest. Ripe, sweet and creamy fruity oil. It exhibits long, apple and ripe banana aromas in the mouth, accentuated by a moderate spicy aftertaste. Suitable for both hot and cold dishes. We recommend at the end of cooking to enhance the food or salads. A product awarded a gold medal by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 2020.

The label was designed by Les Prichards, a popular creator of Perpignan, considered the capital of French Catalonia.

The product should be stored below 30 ° C in a place protected from light.

0,25L vagy 0,5L
3,900 Ft7,400 Ft

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